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connected cloud, web design & development

Web Design & Development

Connected Cloud will build you a stunning website design and provide professional web development services, hence promising brand visibility. Web design is extremely important to build a strong brand presence. At Connected Cloud, we aim to provide you with a web design that is full of creativity. We promise to help your brand stand out online.
Furthermore, we have professional and experienced web designers and web developers to build a professional website for your brand. Our in-house team will give you the best web design and development services that are essential to build a strong digital presence. Be it a small, medium, or large business, we will help you in building a complete digital transformation.

In order to create an extraordinary website, it is important to have outstanding developmental skills that require talented web developers that understand IT well. At Connected Cloud, we have experienced web developers who build an award-winning website.

Your website needs to be visible

Your website must be visible in search engines like Google. A majority of online experiences start from a search engine, so make sure your website is optimized for excellent SEO practices. When you opt for Connected Cloud, you are guaranteed to have an SEO-optimized website.

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly

Nowadays, most of the online traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. More than 50% of the users say that they won’t recommend a brand with a poorly designed mobile site. Besides that, Google also ranks a mobile-friendly website higher in the search engine results. We make sure the website we create is mobile-friendly.

Your website needs to be secure

Your important data and consumer information must be protected. If your website has any place where the user needs to fill in personal information like a contact number or email address, make sure it’s secured. The best part is that Google also gives a little ranking boost to secured websites in their search engine results.

Your website needs to be fast

Website visitors expect your website to come into action within 3 seconds. If this doesn’t happen, they will leave and check another website. Even a delay of one second can reduce conversions, therefore resulting in less revenue being generated from your website.

connected cloud, web design & development

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Are you looking for affordable Web Design & Development services? Connected Cloud is the best company with a team of experts specializing in designing and building award-winning websites that:

We take pride in working with businesses of all sizes from small local contractors to huge franchises. Our experts smartly target your industry, market, and customers.

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